Future-proof your brand

Future-proof your brand

Brand Accountability

You can have the best brand in the world, but if you do nothing to maintain it, it will deteriorate over time. Working with our branding agency to develop management tools, accountability resources, goal-setting exercises, monthly and annual check-ins and customer and employee surveys, will help you stay accountable to your brand. Just like a house, if you don’t keep it up, it will crumble around you.

Brand accountability fosters brand growth, so your brand can grow and improve.
The tool that will get you there

The Brand Operating System (BOS) is a collaborative tool to help clients grow and live out their brand.

The goal of brand accountability staying accountable with the help of a marketing agency is to maintain and strengthen the connection between your internal business operations and the external customer experiences. The BOS sets you up for success by teaching you how to manage your brand from the inside to consistently build your reputation.

Now’s your time to make it count.

Grab these key steps to staying accountable to your brand.

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How it works

Brand accountability steers your ship through all types of weather.

The Brand Operating System was created to help set our clients up for success after brand launch. It is a series of strategic alignment sessions led by a Certified Brand Strategist with actionable takeaways for internal teams. It includes a customized manual that gives you the tools to intentionally build your brand reputation.

Certified brand strategists

investing in our own brand

As professionals who believe in the power of branding to grow business, we are constantly seeking knowledge and training that will help us to be better partners for our clients. Our Certified Brand Strategists have undergone hours of instruction from industry leaders to gain certification and knowledge. We also tested our brand process on ourselves during our rebrand from Armstrong Marketing Solutions to Hardy Brands. The knowledge gained by doing so strengthened how we partners with clients as their branding agency.  

when it’s time for bos

You have a brand strategy and a brand identity, but you feel stuck and you’re not getting the return you want out of your brand.

Some key indicators that it’s time for BOS is when you’re getting negative reviews, have high employee turnover or don’t feel like employees are really living out the brand.

Image of a hand looking at cards with text of different times to invest in branding

Enough from us.
Here’s what one of our clients has to say.

“I came to Hardy Brands seeking branding for a unique restaurant concept. The aim was to distinguish ourselves from existing establishments by executing on specific standards and ideas and conveying a feeling of excellence. Hardy rose to the occasion and through its unique and thorough process delivered exactly what I was looking for. Communication was excellent, we never felt out of the loop or (were) unaware of the next step. The entire team made us feel valued and most importantly, heard. I would recommend Hardy without equivocation and have myself already begun the next project with this talented group of individuals.”
Matt Paine
Owner, Nordic Brew Works
Alright already

Don’t wait for another bad review. Give us a call so we can get started.

Ready to spice up your brand?
Here are the other ingredients you will need.

Brand strategy

Brand strategy lays the foundation of your brand and the plan to help you build your reputation and achieve your goals.

Brand identity

Brand identity is a visual representation of what your brand stands for. It’s also an easy way for people to recognize you.

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness introduces people to your brand, often through marketing, web design, advertising and other creative services provided by our Montana branding agency.

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