Let’s dig in

Let's dig in

Brand Strategy

Good companies create value. Great companies have customers that love them for it. Your brand strategy is your construction plan to building a great company. Each piece is added intentionally by us, as your branding agency, to help you reach your goals.

This begins with understanding who your customer is and what your value is to them. Start building your brand strategy by defining what you want your brand’s reputation to be. It is the system of beliefs and values from which your organization operates.

Dig deep and focus

Let’s get to the core then make a plan to get to the goal.

We will never just slap a new coat of paint on your brand — that’s not what a brand strategy is. Instead, we will work with you to uncover what you believe in and what differentiates your business, then we will craft a brand strategy to get you there. Your reputation is your most valuable asset, as Montanan’s we feel this in our core. Our branding & design agency in Bozeman can help you Intentionally build that reputation.

People trust people

Improve your reputation to build trust.

Branding sharpens your focus to improve how your customers thinks about your business. Because people trust people, not advertising, branding takes a strategic approach to reach your ideal customers and communicates your company’s value to them. Brand strategy from a branding agency provides consistency and helps you improve your customers’ experiences. Sometimes, this can mean a complete rebrand. So, why do you rebrand your company or invest in brand strategy? When customers feel an emotional connection to a brand, chances are they will promote it to their network of people, organically and authentically growing the brand and fueling the business’s success.


Elements of Brand Strategy with Hardy Brands

Tools, tactics and deliverables
Strategy Workshops
Mission & Vision
Brand Pillars
Customer Personas
Purposes & Values
Brand Architecture
Brand Launch
Customer Research
Opposition Research
Team Brand Training
Brand Audit
Customer Matrix
Differentiation Exercise
Goal Setting
Brand Story
True Line
Brand Culture
when is the time right for brand strategy?

When an engaged business owner identifies an opportunity to grow or improve.

There are pivotal points in a business’s lifetime when brand strategy is most beneficial. The most crucial times are when a business is just getting started or when an engaged owner identifies an opportunity to grow and improve an existing business through multiple touchpoints.


Enough from us.
Here’s what one of our clients has to say.

“Regardless of how good you are at what you do, there is one universal truth in business: Perception is reality. Working with Hardy gave us the opportunity to sculpt our customers’ perception of our business through the brand development process. Our brand is now a complete package with a consistent look and feel throughout logos, web, operational items and merchandise. The look & feel of ‘complete’ branding is something you don’t know until you see it. But when you do, you’ll agree it’s worth the investment. ”
Blane Woodfin
Managing Partner, Blue Collar Restaurant Group
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Ready to spice up your brand?
Here are the other ingredients you will need.

Brand identity

Brand identity is a visual representation of what your brand stands for. It’s also an easy way for people to recognize you.

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness introduces people to your brand, often through marketing, web design, advertising and other creative services provided by our Montana branding agency.

Brand Accountability

Brand accountability is brand maintenance. Our Montana marketing agency’s strategic approach is meant to continuously build and improve your brand.

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