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Brand building is our business.
We help plan, build and launch brands designed to last.

Armstrong Marketing Solutions is now Hardy Brands

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Montana's only reputation-focused branding agency.

Discover how defining your brand will help your business find opportunity in competitive markets, connect with its ideal customers and create a game plan to reach its goals.

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Hungry Moose Market and Deli
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How will your business be remembered? Let’s discuss how our branding and creative services can help you.


In branding, there are four key areas that, when they work together, empower our clients to own their brand identity, build strong bonds with their customers and crush their business goals.

Brand Strategy

Define and connect with your ideal customer. Establish a culture that rallies your team around your brand. Retain and recruit your ideal employees. Sell more of your products at a higher price. These are all things that brand strategy can help you to do. 

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Brand Identity

Have every asset you need–colors, fonts, logos, voice, photo direction and much, much more–at the ready to communicate the value of your brand, get recognized and connect with your audience. Brand identity does all of this and much more.

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Brand Awareness

Make your brand sticky in people’s minds so that they choose you. Identify the most effective ways to communicate with your ideal audience and connect with them. This includes web design, social media, advertising, interior design and anything else that helps people interact with your brand. 

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Brand Accountability

A strong brand takes work. Having a system to intentionally influence your reputation (i.e. your brand) will build brand equity. It can help keep your team on track and retain employees, get you closer to your sales goals and keep you accountable to all of your other goals as well.

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We work with some great people all over the United States.

Based in Bozeman, Montana, Hardy Brands serves as a Branding & Design Agency for clients across the country who understand the power of branding and are serious about growing their businesses. No matter where you are, we can help.

Here are just a few of the folks we have enjoyed working with.

Hardy Brand Blog

From our brains to the virtual page. Visit our ever-growing library of free information on branding, brand strategy, brand identity, and more. Read articles, download resources and be sure to check back often for more.

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