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Since 2008 Soultonix has helped pave the way for cannabis distribution in Montana. Soultonix focuses on providing small-batch craft cannabis with unique strains. Their commitment to high standards has not only stood the test of time but has earned them the status as a trusted brand within the industry. As a wholesaler, Soultonix distributes to dispensaries to provide quality products. Through their transparent and accessible approach, they facilitate a positive relationship between them and their partners. In doing this, Soultonix serves as passionate ambassadors that align the local cannabis community.


Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
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Soultonix’s brand is consistent with the quality of their small-batch craft cannabis products and is positioned to be carried at dispensaries across the state.

Riverhouse event photography showing a couple eating BBQ togetherRiverhouse homepage mockup on an ipadRiverhouse Montana drivers license branded artwork with logo seal
three versions of the Security Title Co logo side-by-side
An image showing several of Security Title Co's brand book pages
Security Title Co merchandise and business set design
Image with the headline "we eliminate risk" above an illustration of two people putting items into a giant safeAn image of a mother and child with the Security Title Co logo in the corner

Since the legalization of cannabis, there has been a surge of new brands and business structures, such as wholesale distributors. Soultonix’s brand needed to stand out as a wholesale distributor while aligning internally with employees and externally with customers.


Create an intentional brand that better communicates who they are – from their wholesale partners down to the end user.


Showcase the grounded, yet uplifting feel of the brand in both strategy and visuals. Bring to life the adaptable, healing nature of the brand with a new butterfly logo paired with a warm and vibrant color palette that feels light and airy.

Brand Launch

Hardy facilitated a multi-phase brand launch that considered everything from employee-owner training to the ‘why pay more’ signs. The first step was to train all leadership staff on the new strategy. By providing consistent language, their leadership team has the tools to communicate the brand to all employee-owners and customers, utilize it in hiring, and lean on it for business decisions. To support the high level of service T&C is known for, we created talking points, rack cards, and tools that empower employee-owners to answer questions customers may have.


The Bridger Brewing team wanted to be prepared to can and distribute its beer after opening its second location. AMS partnered with Bridger Brewing for packaging design concepts. The first step in the packaging process involved a strategy session in which the unique identity of each beer was explored and dissected. Several concepts were then sketched out. Once a concept was selected for each beer, custom illustrations were created for cans and boxes. The result is a full lineup of beers, each with its own design that is unique while still clearly a member of the Bridger Brewing brand.

Reason no. 8

The longest line you’ll see comes from a reel.

reason no. 12

Big ideas are best discussed on the back of a pickup.

Custom icon set done for the Riverhouse brand
Riverhouse BBQ food photography showing a BBQ sandwich and fries
low-contrast Riverhouse logo on blue backgroundRiverhouse BBQ menu designslow-contrast Riverhouse logo on brown background
examples of Security Title Co's website pages
Gif of various custom illustrations done for the Security Title Co brandA grid of the Security Title Co team members at community eventsCustom icon set done for Security Title Co
Photo of riverhouse meat with tagline "It's a Smokin' Good Time" overlaid
An illustration of two people in front of a For Sale sign next to Security Title Co's tagline Grounded in Montana Rooted in Community

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