Beth Traverso Real Estate Group

Beth Traverso Real Estate Group came to Hardy after seeing one example of our different approach to real estate branding. Although we had an original plan of updating her marketing initiatives, we quickly learned that brand identity and creative execution is where our time would be best spent.

Based on the brand strategy that our team developed, we crafted an identity stands out in a highly saturated market. It is one that reflects her personality as well as her business values of great customer service and always putting the client first. She is now positioned well and uniquely in her market as being the helpful, genuine realtor that will always keep her clients’ best interests in mind.


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After working with Hardy Brands, Beth Traverso Group has decreased its paid lead spending by about 40% and increased revenue by 123.8%.


Competing against technology forward real estate solutions that while convenient and user friendly, lack the personal touch of a human being.


To stand out visually and communicate the group’s value in the competitive and saturated real estate industry.


A unique, bold identity different than the competition, paired with humanistic and personable messaging.


The Bridger Brewing team wanted to be prepared to can and distribute its beer after opening its second location. AMS partnered with Bridger Brewing for packaging design concepts. The first step in the packaging process involved a strategy session in which the unique identity of each beer was explored and dissected. Several concepts were then sketched out. Once a concept was selected for each beer, custom illustrations were created for cans and boxes. The result is a full lineup of beers, each with its own design that is unique while still clearly a member of the Bridger Brewing brand.

Reason no. 8

The longest line you’ll see comes from a reel.

reason no. 12

Big ideas are best discussed on the back of a pickup.

"I found Hardy Brands when I came across a stellar marketing piece when I was visiting Montana. I quickly realized their client-focused approach to marketing was the difference I was looking for. My team and I worked intensely with Hardy to create a branding package to set my company apart from our competitors and all the "noise" in the marketplace. And to define what our voice and culture are as it relates to our brand and those we help. Going forward, Hardy is my go-to for any question as it relates to marketing or branding and design. Their process is thorough. Their people are top-notch. Their communication is seamless. Only the highest quality work - and I am picky! The best in the business. Highly recommended!"
Beth Traverso
Owner, Beth Traverso Real Estate Group

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