Montana Tile and Stone

Montana Tile & Stone has been a member of the Bozeman business community for more than 20 years. When it changed hands recently, its new owner was ready to update the branding to match the fresh energy, dialed processes and new direction being brought to the long-time business.

We partnered with the Montana Tile & Stone team on brand strategy to align with and help steer the cultural direction for the business. With the strategy solidified, we were able to move into brand identity so that its visual assets (colors, fonts, logos, tagline, etc.) all communicated its brand pillars of proud, eager, energized, diligent and helpful.

Brand execution was next. Hardy partnered with Montana Tile & Stone to create a campaign that reached customers across multiple communications platforms. We then designed and developed a new website that would further equip the Montana Tile & Stone team with tools to deliver on their promise of being helpful partners to their clients.

Montana Tile & Stone is now well prepared to own its place as a helpful leader in the design and fabrication industry in Southwest Montana.


Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Brand Execution
Content strategy
Social Media
Website design and development



Montana Tile & Stone now has a brand strategy and identity as well as execution tools to chart an exciting new course for the business.


Overcome past perceptions about the business based on previous ownership. Tell a new story about Montana Tile & Stone and the direction it is headed under new ownership.


Reshape the business’s community image after an ownership change and build new relationships with contractors, designers and homeowners.


Based on strategy, Hardy created a fresh new identity system and brand execution plan to reintroduce Montana Tile & Stone to the Bozeman community.


The Bridger Brewing team wanted to be prepared to can and distribute its beer after opening its second location. AMS partnered with Bridger Brewing for packaging design concepts. The first step in the packaging process involved a strategy session in which the unique identity of each beer was explored and dissected. Several concepts were then sketched out. Once a concept was selected for each beer, custom illustrations were created for cans and boxes. The result is a full lineup of beers, each with its own design that is unique while still clearly a member of the Bridger Brewing brand.

Reason no. 8

The longest line you’ll see comes from a reel.

reason no. 12

Big ideas are best discussed on the back of a pickup.


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