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OSM Construction (formerly On Site Management) is a full-service general contracting firm that values excellent craftsmanship and follows a proven project management process that has led them to build some of the most stunning homes in Montana and Wyoming. Founded in 1987, OSM Construction has become a leader in custom homebuilding in Bozeman, Montana and Jackson, Wyoming.

Hardy partnered with OSM Construction when they were looking to rebrand this powerhouse construction company. The OSM Construction team sought a united brand strategy for its two offices (Bozeman and Jackson), a refreshed brand identity, an updated website and a partner for brand execution.


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OSM Construction now has a defined brand strategy and identity that has helped to create a more collaborative marketing and sales effort in both offices. Hardy provided OSM with all of the tools for success on a wide range of services. Everything from onboarding new employees to connecting with people building high-end custom homes in Bozeman and Jackson.


With many employees spread over two states, first we had to find the uniting factors between these two locations. We then created a cohesive brand strategy, brand identity pieces and a other elements to communicate that identity.


Craft a brand strategy to unite employees at the Bozeman and Jackson offices under one shared company culture. Create brand identity and execution pieces to communicate the brand’s personality both internally and externally.


Our strategy sessions explored what has made the company successful in the past, including its 30-year proven building process and focus on craftsmanship, and challenged company leaders to look forward and plan for future goals.


The Bridger Brewing team wanted to be prepared to can and distribute its beer after opening its second location. AMS partnered with Bridger Brewing for packaging design concepts. The first step in the packaging process involved a strategy session in which the unique identity of each beer was explored and dissected. Several concepts were then sketched out. Once a concept was selected for each beer, custom illustrations were created for cans and boxes. The result is a full lineup of beers, each with its own design that is unique while still clearly a member of the Bridger Brewing brand.

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