Shine Dental

Dr. Steven Justesen and Dr. Eric Nygard purchased Advanced Dentistry in Bozeman and sought to make the practice their own. Dr. Nygard is currently one of four doctors in Montana who specializes in dental anesthesiology, so they wanted to promote this as well as their focus on gentle, judgment-free dentistry.

Hardy started by defining the goal, which was to communicate their level of expertise and dedication to making patients feel comfortable while receiving dental care. This would include people with anxiety and special needs.

To make the Shine Dental brand feel bright and friendly but not childish, Hardy designers opted for an approachable color palette and simple illustrations. Shine Dental now has a brand and tools that accurately tell its story and differentiate it from other dental practices in Bozeman.


Brand Exploration
Brand Strategy
Brand Positioning
Brand Identity
Business Set
Website Design



A more powerful brand that appeals to all ages, accurately setting Shine apart while communicating its value.


The dentist’s office can be an intimidating, dreary place, and many potential customers were not aware of the extensive services offered by Shine Dental.


Showcase Shine Dental’s fun and compassionate approach to their industry while also instilling a sense of trust that you would expect from a medical professional.


Implementation of fun, approachable brand elements, such as bright colors and simple illustrations, while maintaining a professional aesthetic.


The Bridger Brewing team wanted to be prepared to can and distribute its beer after opening its second location. AMS partnered with Bridger Brewing for packaging design concepts. The first step in the packaging process involved a strategy session in which the unique identity of each beer was explored and dissected. Several concepts were then sketched out. Once a concept was selected for each beer, custom illustrations were created for cans and boxes. The result is a full lineup of beers, each with its own design that is unique while still clearly a member of the Bridger Brewing brand.

Reason no. 8

The longest line you’ll see comes from a reel.

reason no. 12

Big ideas are best discussed on the back of a pickup.

Our first year in business we decided to do a complete re-branding of an existing dental practice we purchased. It has easily been one of the best investments we have made as new business owners. Hardy helped us create a brand that really showcased who we are personally and as a company. Having a brand book has helped tremendously, it has been helpful to have a reference when purchasing branded products and will certainly be useful when we start our remodel. We are so grateful to have found such a talented group of amazing people to help us with this process!
Dr. Stephen Justesen
Shine Dental

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